Monday, April 27, 2009

It's here, it's really here!!!

In fact, the drum carder arrived on friday, but I wasn't able to set it up then. I was away for the weekend, so I had to wait until today - but then I DID IT! ;-)
I am still trying to use the right amount of fibre and I haven't experimented with different colours, yet. I am very satisfied with my first batts, though:

The black one is quite small, but the white ones are what I supposed would come out. The picture is not very good and the batts look a little boring - but they really are gorgeous! I've used white Blue Faced Leicester, white linen/flax, white merino/silk blend and some white and silver angelina - and the texture is simply heavenly! I am quite inclined to spinning them right away :-) Or maybe I'll have another go on the carder, first. I hope TrashQueen, my dear friend and business associate (;-)) will be able to join me this evening - for freaky fibre festivities!

Monday, April 20, 2009


We've ordered a drum carder! And now we have to wait - hopefully it won't be long. We are incredibly excited :-)

Monday, April 13, 2009


Allright, I didn't have the time yesterday. But now I'm back again, and here's a photo of the beautiful colors I dyed two days before.

The first one on top is Bluefaced Leicester wool with tussah silk. Underneath you can see Merino wool with bamboo. I love how the tones of light blue, turquoise and dark violet turned out! And I'm really looking forward to spin a very, very special yarn from this one. At the bottom, there's Bluefaced Leicester in shades of green. :)

I don't have plans for these beauties yet, but I think I'll come up with something nice soon.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dyeing Day

Finally! Since those enormous amounts of fiber had arrived, I wanted to dye! I had already stashed Easter egg color which I wanted to use, and now, finally! I had some spare time. I stationed myself in Weird's kitchen and had really much fun mixing the color and preparing the fiber. Bluefaced Leicester, Bluefaced Leicester with tussah silk and Merino wool with bamboo went into my dying pots - and came out in tones of green, all shades lavender can take andflaming reds!

I hope to have some spare time again tomorrow, so I can take some pics!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


We've received an enormous parcel today, containing lots of gorgeous fibre - such as merino/bamboo blend, milk protein fibre, blue faced leicester/silk blend, alpaca/merino/silk/baby camel blend... We'll be spinning many interesting yarns from these wonderful materials, so watch out for new listings! :-)


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