Saturday, April 30, 2011

Which Colours are Missing?

It's time for me to order some new fibres, my stash has shrunken rapidly during the last months. Before I place my order, I'd like to ask for your help/opinion. I tend to be a little short-sighted and to order my favourite colours, but I really want to see beyond my own nose. So, here's my question for you, whether you're a (potential) customer, or a reader, or just stopping by. What colours would you like to see in our shop? Are there any colours missing, or colours we should use more often than we do? What colours should I order?

I'd really appreciate you comments, so thank you for posting them :-)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Have We Been up to?

It's been quiet here for a while now, but I don't intend to keep it that way. I've done some spinning, but I also had a lot of other work to do, and *whisper* I took a few days off! My husband was on leave and we spent some time outside, both in the local parks and on a day trip to the Felsenmeer ("sea of rock"), which is very impressive.

Also, my sisters-in-law visited with us for a few days and we enjoyed the sun and played some board games - like Clue Harry Potter, Ghost Stories, and The Settlers of Catan. I like all of them, but at the moment I am a huge fan of Ghost Stories. I like cooperative board games, and I think there might be none more cooperative than this one. It's hard and we never won until last weekend, when we played with my dear Twisted and her husband, but it's still great fun, and I do like the challenge. We even got an expansion set from my parents-in-law for Easter, and this makes the game even harder and more complicated, but I already love it ;-)

I really hope to be able to blog more often again, I already collected some pictures I wanted to show you - pictures of the prize yarn, for example, and some teasers of my latest creations. This week my schedule is very tight, but I pin my hopes on next week :-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Colours of the Things to Come

Usually when I card batts I make one or two, spin them up as soon as possible, and do some more on a different day. And then there are days like the one last week when I managed to create five beautiful batts in one day. I've already spun up four of them (all but the black/teal one in the middle), and listed one of the resulting art yarns.

I am looking forward to spinning up the last one, though I am not quite sure about the add-ins yet.

The one I already listed in the shop is Dark Red Ridinghood:
I imagined a dark, strong-willed, grown-up version of little Red Ridinghood, prepared to meet the wolf and stand her ground. I added lots of silvery things, standing for the silver bullets she's armed with, and the colour red doesn't only stand for her name, but also for the courage she needs and the strong will and power she has.

I watched the trailer of the new Red Ridinghood movie the other day, and I really hope it will be out soon here in Germany, since I can't wait to see it. Until then, I'll use my speculations and imagination as inspiration for more yarns ;-)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Divaesque Wellness Dreams

This is one post long overdue! Maybe some of you remeber the Divaesque Scarf I was working on for a trade. Well, I finished it quite a while ago, and I already received a packet full of gorgeous handmade soaps and shower melts from aforementioned soap sorceress Goodgirl (who, in fact, was much quicker to send her part of the bargain than I was). Since part of the parcel is supposed to be a gift to someone who might be reading this blog, the picture shows only some of the delightful items I received:

I've already used up one shower melt, gave two away (one to my dear friend and shop partner TQ/Twisted, and one to my sister-in-law), and just started another one yesterday - and they are pure heaven! I requested pure essential oils instead of perfume oils for all the bars and melts, and I am so happy about the fragrances! Thank you again so much, Goodgirl!

Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry to send the scarf on its way that I completely forgot to take photos once it was finished *ashamed* But here's photo of a part of it, anyway:

It's about 2,20 m long, between 20 cm and 25 cm wide, and I knitted up two full skeins (which means I've still got about half a skein of gorgeous yarn left, ha! ;-)). 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

And the Lucky Winner iiiiiis...

At the beginning of March we announced a giveaway, with the deadline for entries set for March 31. 
Sooo - it's time for the drawing:

Congratulations, Grace (HomespunHandmaiden)!  
We'll also send a convo to your Etsy account, of course.

As was the condition for participating in our giveaway, Grace has linked to our post and then posted three inspirational photos on her blog. You see them here, along with a fourth picture - a teaser showing some of the materials we've already selected for the prize art yarn :-)

We're looking forward to selecting a few more materials, and to spinning this special art yarn. We will ship it some time during April.

Thank you all for participating, it was fun and interesting to see all your inspirational pictures!


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