Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Turning X-Men Batts into Art Yarn


...made from black bamboo, grey alpaca hair, light grey merino wool, a small amount of pale blue silk and lots of angelina.
171 m/187 yards.


...made from black wool/silk blend, white bamboo, a very small amount of red linen/flax and lots of the same angelina as in the Adamantium yarn, alluding to Rogue's close friendship with Logan/Wolverine. I've also spun in lots of crystal clear glass beads that look like cut from ice (referring to Rogue's relationship to Iceman, of course).
97 m / 106 yards.

Both yarns have already been added to our shop.

More Flowers - Yarn in Progress

As I've already told you, I've come to enjoy spinning in flowers again. Here's a peek of what goes into the next flowery yarn: a hand carded batt of partly hand dyed fibre, green onyx, fresh water pearls of a stunning bronze colour, carnelian in different shapes, onyx and flat sequins - and, of course, flowers :-)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Fascinating, isn't it?


Well, at least I think so. I spent the past few days at home, crafting new items for our shop. I was inspired by my holiday on La Gomera, a Canary island. I guess that's one of the reasons I'm so much into strong colors right now.

It was high time we added some new fascinators to our little shop inner twilight. And here's a sneak peek at our latest creations!

If you want to see more, just check the photo stream of TheTrashQueen on flickr!


I buy new fabric flowers whenever I see some that I like, so I've had a little collection for some time now. I ducked out of using them, however, since I needed a better way to spin them in. After a bit of thinking an trying, I succeeded - and thus had fun spinning new flower yarns :-)

Soon to be listed in our shop :-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reminder - get 10% off your next order and free stitch markers!

You've still got a week to send us pictures of your finished objects in order to get 10% off your next order and free stitch markers. For full details, see here.

We are so very curious ;-)

Oh, and Max, should you read this: these stitch markers will be yours after your next order!
Thanks again for all the pictures :-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fresh Batts

I am looking forward to spinning these - but somehow I have a lot of dyed or carded fibre I want to use and there doesn't seem to be enough time (as always ;-)). I've also begun to spin some yarn for myself which I want to use for the Wa na na na na na na na
Bat Shawl! :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fresh from the Bobbin - Halloween Firefly

It glitters and the white, wormy parts glow in the dark:

I've also - in an hour of silliness - designed a banderole for handcarded batts:

I had a lot of fun and I like it very much - and yes, I do know it's kind of cheap *g*

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What have our yarns become? Part 3

Guess what? Max has sent us even more photos of beautiful hats :-) We are delighted to see even more of our handspun as finished objects.

Icelandic Spring

Invisibility Cloak

Max told me she had to knit a strand of Rowan Kidsilk haze together with this yarn - and I think it looks lovely! I like the fuzzy look and I can imagine it feels very soft and cuddly.

Thank you so much again, Max!

To all our other customers: please note that our current promotion is running until the end of this month! We'd be very happy to get even more photos of things made from our yarn :-)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Look at these beauties!

All my life I've been collecting stuff from the beach - stones, shells, driftwood, amber. When my family looked for one of their members at the beach, they were quite easy to spot: we were always the ones bending over, looking for little trasures ;-)
I especially like stones with natural holes in them since they can be made into great decorative items. It never occurred to me to drill holes into "normal" pebbles, and if it had, I don't know if I would have tried it. So my hole-less stones and shells keep sitting in my cupboard, occasionally being looked at. A few months ago, I stumbled upon a shop on etsy where you can buy the most beautiful, drilled stones - stonestudiostoo - and I was immediately taken with it. I thought about ordering some stones but didn't have any ideas as to what to do with them at that time. When that changed (about two weeks ago) I finally ordered the most gorgeous pebbles - and here they are:

(The picture could be better, if you want to get another glimpse you may look here)

I had specific wishes concerning size and form - I wanted tiny buttons for mobile cosies, neck cuffs and the like, and rather large pendants for secret purposes (for now) - and Rhonda collected my stones specially. She was very nice, as well and the shipment took only a week. AND I got four small pendants as a thank you present! I am very happy with my order and will definitely be back for more stones when I know what to make from them. Thank you so much again, Rhonda!


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