Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Give me my spinning wheel!

Ah. It's been a week or so since I bought the "Schippertje" spinning wheel. I sent the money immediately, I was so happy and so keen to lay my hands on this beauty! But since that day, I didn't hear a word from the seller. No "Thank you, your spinning wheel has been sent", no "Thanks for the transaction", no "Hey, you forgot 8 Cent!". Just nothing.

Yes, I'm a bit impatient, it's only been a week and the wheel has to be shipped from the Netherlands, but I already spun my farewell-yarn on my old "Sleeping Beauty". And it's sold! Right, it's still here, but it would just feel strange so go back and spin again on it... I said good bye and it would feel strangely wrong.

And the worst of all: I don't want to spin on my drop spindle, either. So I just sit here, windows open, listening for the sound of a transporter to bring me my new spinning wheel.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Support Slytherin House!

After the last Harry Potter book it is at least morally all right to do so, I guess ;-) I have to admit, I always liked the colours best, so it was only a matter of time until I had to spin a Slytherin Art Yarn. Soon on Etsy :-)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Diva to come!

It's done! Finished! And it really took its time, but how could I have hoped for anything else with a true diva? :-)

This is for sure one of my favorites, and it'll be hard parting from it. The beautiful color combination - dark, as I like my yarn - and the roses, feathers and pearls... Ah, all my spinning obsessions in one big skein of yarn!
But after all, it'll be all right. As I'm no big knitter, I'm sure this diva will fill the house of someone else with grandeur!

Available in our shop soon!


I have wanted to make a WPI-tool for quite some time now. I really need to measure my yarns this way, so today I decided to get down to work.

I don't exactly like working with wood, but I managed to make a nice tool.

I've already tried it out with some yarn I spun a couple of days ago to sell on Etsy :-) (Coming soon!)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Look at this!

That's my newest acquisition, and I'm so happy about it! My fourth. Well. But I'll start at the beginning.

I bought three spinning wheels two months ago. Three, that's right. You may ask yourself: "Why does she buy herself three spinning wheels!? Is she crazy?" and that would be a good question. So I'll tell the whole story.
I bid on two auctions on ebay. I just did minimal biddings - and never thought I would get the spinning wheels. I had watched dozens of auctions on spinning wheels before, and all went to prices about 70 or more Euro. I bid only because my ebay-favorites were extremely crowded. And then I forgot about the auctions.
Shortly after that I found a classified ad. Spinning wheel, just 20 minutes from here, the lady didn't know if one could spin on it, but well, it was worth the try. And indeed, the wheel was beautiful, fully functional. So I bought it.
And then I won the two auctions.

In the meantime I resold two wheels to friends of mine who didn't have spinning wheels on their own. I guess they were quite happy about my offer, and frankly: I was happy I got rid of them. Our flat isn't that big, you know...

And I really love my remaining spinning wheel which I dubbed "Sleeping Beauty", it looks a bit romantic, but its orifice is too small. So I looked for a spinning wheel with a bigger orifice - and here it finally is!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cherry Blossom

Spring is finally here and it's time for me to spin some adequate yarn.
I bought these fabric flowers weeks ago and never really felt like using them, but now's the time!
It takes quite some time to spin this yarn because the flowers don't move up the sewing thread of their own accord, I have to push them up (one by one) every other second - but I think the result will be worth it :-)

Soon to be put up for sale in our Etsy-Shop.

Dyeing to spin

I spent some messy hours in the kitchen yesterday and now I can't wait to spin my freshly dyed fibres! They're still drying, though...

I started dyeing my own fibres just a few weeks ago and I'm still trying to figure out how to get the colours I want. The red batch was supposed to be summer wine, but I think it's more like a bloody mary :-D The second one was to become a suffragette yarn, but somehow the violet didn't turn out how I'd have liked it to be and the colours got intermingled just a little too much. However, I like the results anyway, I just need to adjust the names ;-)

Knitting Needles

This is one of my two new pairs of knitting needles. I worked them a few days ago for a new project. New knitting needles cost a lot, spars are much cheaper. And it's fun to work needles out of them, to carve and sand them - the surface is now all soft and shiny!
I'm so happy about how they turned out! I just love them! The little red beads shine in the light and look like red currants on cheese cake!

There are more photos on flickr of this pair and the other one, which I adorned with dark brown wood beads.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yay for stars!

I did it. I sent my first entry to a spinning challenge! And I even got two votes so far, even though one of the votes was Weird's. ;-)

Pluckyfluff wanted the participants to spin a yarn that is either representative of oneself, consists of ones favorite materials, illustrates a theme that one identifies oneself with or all of this. The second part of the challenge was to crochet or knit a beenie in a size and style that suits one or says something about oneself.

I did so and it seems I was the first to finish the challenge: Mine is the first in the long line of nine entries. I don't think I'll win, all others spun so great freaky yarns! But I really love my hat. It indeed reflects a part of my personality. If you want to see more pictures, visit my flickr-site, there are quite a lot of the beenie and the yarn.

Welcome to our blog!

Hello world!

Weird&Twisted now have a shared weblog! From now on, you will find here some of our ideas, many of our inspirations, glimpses on our stack and loads of stuff about our art yarns. We will keep you posted on our latest yarns, show you our photos and tell you a bit more about the spinning process.

The idea is to let you take part in our creative process. You're invited to comment, to discuss and to criticize.

It's all about fibers, spinning, about kitting and crocheting - and about creativity. ;-)


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