Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Toadstools

Some weeks ago, I traded a handmade shawl pin for two sets of handmade glass beads. I had mentioned this before, but that was before the trade took place. By now the beads have arrived and I absolutely love them! I am stunned there are people who can actually make something like that with their own hands. Well, some people out there probably think similarly about yarn, I guess ;-)

I have already spun one set of beads into a yarn - and here it is:

The other set is also red, but with black spots and I intend to spin a ladybug yarn from light green wool or maybe wool/silk blend - and I am really looking forward to it :-) I'll post a photo as soon as I am done.

The beads were made by Potzblitz - viiieeelen Dank nochmal! :-)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Join Harry Potter in the Room of Hidden Things

I've been wanting to spin more Harry Potter yarns for quite a while now. And one idea has been sleeping at the back of my mind: I wanted to turn the Room of Requirement/Room of Hidden Things into a spectacular art yarn. I imagined a dark yarn with lots of weird stuff in it, and it took me a while to get everything ready. I used many silver-coloured charms of different shapes: forks, spoons, hats, coat-hangers, umbrellas, teddybears, and more; and I rummaged in the depths of my drawers for some glow-in-the-dark ghosts and a kind of eye (both types I had made from polymer clay previously), some bone skulls, and some shells and bells. I also added lots of facetted glass beads. I chose black merino wool, grey and black alpaca fibre and some sari silk of greens and blues for the project and tried to spin a yarn more wild and irregular than usual. I do like the outcome :-)

It's funny - I've had some sari silk for years now, and I hardly ever used it. Probably because I don't keep it where I keep the rest of my spinning stuff, so I always forget about it - but that's definetly going to change, that stuff is great! I love the texture of yarn with added sari silk :-)
Hopefully, this yarn will be in the shop soon!

I really need to plan more Harry Potter yarns, it's always fun to spin those and the theme is one of my favourites :-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amazing Pumpkins

I've just received word from one of our customers about a beautiful shawl she has made from one of our art yarns. Maybe some of you remember the Wild Pumpkin yarn I spun for myself, and which I've knitted into a gorgeous bag - if not, you can look at it here ;-)

When I posted pictures of the yarn and bag on Ravelry, JumperCables asked me to spin a similar yarn for her and I happily did so. Now she blogged about it and kindly allowed me to use one of her pictures.

Here you can find her blog entry and more photos - I think she'd love you to visit her blog :-)

I am thrilled to see another of our art yarns transformed into something stunning and wearable and I am very happy JumperCables has given me the permission to show it to you, too. Thanks again!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I am very relieved and happy: I am now finally able to use my spinning wheel again, after nearly two months of abstinence due to injury. It feels good to be back at the wheel and to spin art yarns again, which I wouldn't want to do on a drop spindle anymore.
Here is my latest creation:

It's made from hand dyed wool/silk blend, spun with lots of texture, and I've spun in textile flowers and leaves, as well as different kinds of glass beads.

Oh my, I am happy :-)


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