Sunday, January 20, 2013

Guess the Fairytale - and Win Fabulous Prizes!

Once upon a time, there was a soap sorceress who asked a spinner for a trade: she would make nine soaps inspired by fairy tales and wanted the spinner to provide nine small skeins of well-endowed art yarn matching the tales. For this, the spinner would get into bathing heaven, aka receive a parcel of handmade bath bombs.

As a trade like this has to be shown and celebrated, the two crafters decided to show everything to the audience - you :-) And as the soap sorceress has a big heart, she decided to give away generous prizes in a guessing and lottery game, and I decided to give away an art yarn. For details, see below - it's a little complicated but worth it, just have a look at the prizes!

This is how it works:
Below you see the nine yarns, each of them inspired by a fairy tale, and each of them tagged with a number. Over at Goodgirl's blog, you will see the nine soaps, each of them tagged with a letter.

Guess which soap belongs to which yarn and leave your guess in a comment at Goodgirl's blog (for example: 2A, 6B... both of which are totally random).  
You can also try to guess the fairy tales, we would love that very much! Also, there will be a bonus prize for this ;-) (for details, see below) 

Goodgirl will do a random drawing in two weeks. The winners will get the prizes, no costs attached - we even pay for international shipping. If you'd like a better chance for your name to be drawn, link to our giveaway posts on your own blog for others to see and leave the link to your post in a second comment on Goodgirl's blog.

Oh, and don't be shy, her blog is in German, but she assures me comments in English will be more than welcome :-) (and don't be alarmed if your comment doesn't show - to make it equally difficult for everyone the comments will be hidden until the drawing)

If you have any more questions about this (I always find these giveaways hard to describe), don't hesitate to ask, you can just leave a comment here on this blog and I'll help.

And now for the yarns - try to guess which number belongs to which letter over at Goodgirl's blog!

(click to enlarge)
The Prizes

1st prize (random drawing):  
The complete set of fairy tale soaps, i.e. all of these 9 pampering and  frangrant soaps!

2nd prize (random drawing):  
A compilation of 5 of the fairy soaps and you can choose which you want to try.  

Bonus prize for the participant who guesses most of the correct combinations and fairy tales: 
The complete set of fairy tale soaps, so all your soapy needs will be satisfied for weeks ;)
PLUS the handspun art yarn you see beside this text.


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