Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Road Goes Ever On

I've been hit with a serious case of Lord of the Rings fever! Not that I haven't had it before, it just seemed to have been dormant for some time ;-) And it started with a customer (and fellow geek, I might add) asking me to spin an Elanor yarn for her. I have to admit, I had to google this, and I found out that Elanor is Sam's daughter, named after a golden, star-shaped flower which grows in the forest of Lórien.

My mind went off into hyper creative mode and I started carding and spinning like mad. I have not only spun the requested yarn but three more Lord of the Rings inspired ones - and I'd like to thank my customer for the inspiration! :-)


 The colours were suggested by my customer, and I added not only the flowers ans leaf ribbons, but also small golden leaf sequins which are not visible in this photo.


Spun from exquisite blend of merino wool and silk, with added alpaca fibre, wild silk, a small amount of shiny green bamboo, a bit of sunflower yellow merino and sparkling gold and silver angelina. I decided against pure white, which was my first thought, and instead added a hint of the colours I chose for the Lothlórien yarn. There are white leaf ribbons in the yarn, as well as lovely white and transparent glass beads, and silver and golden leaf sequins.


This was spun from merino wool in tones of green and a small amount of sunflower yellow, with a hint of shiny bamboo and wild silk. No beads, but lots of golden and silver lead sequins.

Misty Mountains

This has been on my list for years, I think. Somehow I never got around to spinning it, until now. I decided on mostly grey with a bit of brown and a touch of dark teal, and white, cloudlike mohair spun in irregularly. No add-ins beside the mohair, just silver thread and lovely yarn texture.


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