Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cthulhu: Done!

The wings were a challenge, but the videos did help ;-) 

My husband liked lil' Cthulhu so much I gave it to him to take with him to work. I am still happy, amused and slightly astonished at how much he loves these creatures and at the fact that we'll indeed have a crazy christmas tree - given that I'll be able to make enough ninjas, cthulhus, vampires, knights, valkyries and whatever else until then. I've already spun some white and some black yarn for the skeleton couple *g*

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cute Lil Cthulhu

Last week, I ordered "Creepy Cute Crochet", which had been sitting on my Amazon wish list for a long time. I started on crazy cute Cthulhu right away, and quickly realized I really had no idea about crochet. I mean, I have been able to make chain stitches and single crochets ever since school, but everything else was just a vage kind of "oh yeah, I've heard of such a thing". I am so glad there are  useful videos on Youtube, teaching me what I had to know :-)
The wings were quite a challenge, but today I discovered the author provided help videos on them, so I'll try again later, hopefully with more success. There are also free expansion patterns on the author's website, and I was delighted to discover a Viking and The Valkyrie. But for now, I'll stick to Cthulhu here, can't have him wandering about without wings or eyes (the arms are now done, at least). The next thing I want to make is the Skeleton Bride and Groom, they are so cute!
My wonderful husband consented to a Christmas tree decoration of skeletons, ninjas, cthulhus and whatever else I'll make from the book. NOW I'm looking forward to Christmas! :-D

Oh, and I also went yarn bombing again, this time in a beautiful little place called Dilsberg. We went there for coffee and a walk with my dad who visited with us for a few days. Installing the graffiti was quite funny since there was a group of little girls coming around the corner who were curious and a little sassy. They asked what it was, if I was allowed to install it and so on - but they consented that no one else asks if they can spray graffitis on the walls, and that a yarn bomb is easily removable should anyone really hate it.
I also found some colourful flowers on our walk. It was a great day :-)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Skull Scarf

I had looked forward to the Tour de Fleece so much - but since I have had some problems with stress and inner pressure lately, I have decided to drop out. I was on sick leave last week and didn't even feel up to spinning, so I took the yarn I spun on day 2 and knitted it up. Sitting on the sofa, watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer (which I somehow missed when I was young, so I felt I had to close that gap in education ;-)) and knitting did me good and I feel much better now :-)

(please click for a larger version!)

I love how the scarf turned out, and I'm looking forward to giving it to a friend as a birthday present. In fact, this wasn't the only thing I knitted last week. I made a hat and a pair of wrist warmers from a skein of beautiful corespun art yarn I had spun for myself quite a long time ago, and I started the Tempest Cowl (using my own handspun lace yarn in teals and a little blue, black and bright turquoise), aaaand I made two dice bags, also intended as presents. Oh - and the reason I was finally able to knit again and to have fun doing it, is that I *finally* finished the Scarf of Horror about two or three weeks ago. Now I am free to knit things for myself, and I am so happy about it! Now the only thing I have to do is take some decent photos to show you what I've done :-)

It really felt good to sit around, watch cheap TV shows, and do nothing "useful" for once. Being self-employed it turns out I have some problems integrating breaks into my daily routine, so this last week was a kind of enforced and very necessary holiday. And you know what? I am now looking forward to working again - but I'll try to reduce the inner pressure. 

I hope you are all well :-)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Four Cowls made from Art Yarn

A while ago, a fellow Etsyian purchased some of our yarns, all of which she made into beautiful cowls - see for yourself!

You can find these stunning pieces at iWunder's Etsy shop.

When she purchased the yarns, iWunder told us she remembered us from the Etsy chat - from years ago! This really made us happy :-)
Thank you for the permission to use the photos, iWunder - and for remembering us!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Feature - Tour de Fleece - Halloween

There's quite a lot of news :-) First of all, we're very proud and happy to have been chosen for a feature on My Day is Friday. We documented one of our days for you, complete with text and photos, which you can read and look at here. Morrgan, thank you so much for the opportunity, we had lots of fun documenting! :-)

Last week, I had a new idea for Halloween ghosts, so I prepared them and spun them into a yarn. There's gorgeous black and violet fibre in it, as well as some glow in the dark fibre, and - of course - the little cloth ghosts. Here's a quick peek until I can take better photos:

Halloween is still a while off, but I just love creating new Halloween yarns, and I think you can never start too early ;-)

Then, there's the Tour de Fleece which started yesterday. Since I've been feeling a little under the weather lately, I didn't spin yesterday and I might not be able to participate every day, but I will try. Today, I spun a yarn which I'll be knitting into a scarf for a good friend:

And now, I'm off to watch the rest of today's game of the Women's World Cup. By the way - do any of you follow the WWC?


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