Sunday, July 3, 2011

Feature - Tour de Fleece - Halloween

There's quite a lot of news :-) First of all, we're very proud and happy to have been chosen for a feature on My Day is Friday. We documented one of our days for you, complete with text and photos, which you can read and look at here. Morrgan, thank you so much for the opportunity, we had lots of fun documenting! :-)

Last week, I had a new idea for Halloween ghosts, so I prepared them and spun them into a yarn. There's gorgeous black and violet fibre in it, as well as some glow in the dark fibre, and - of course - the little cloth ghosts. Here's a quick peek until I can take better photos:

Halloween is still a while off, but I just love creating new Halloween yarns, and I think you can never start too early ;-)

Then, there's the Tour de Fleece which started yesterday. Since I've been feeling a little under the weather lately, I didn't spin yesterday and I might not be able to participate every day, but I will try. Today, I spun a yarn which I'll be knitting into a scarf for a good friend:

And now, I'm off to watch the rest of today's game of the Women's World Cup. By the way - do any of you follow the WWC?


  1. It's strange to watch you working :-) And I want to drink some coffee with you both...

    I love the little cute ghost! I have such a nice idea for Halloween but the felting needle was a little fragile. I have to wait for a new order now.

    The black and violet yarn is so beautiful!

  2. I'd love to have coffee with you, too! And I'm looking forward to seeing your Halloween idea, once you have new needles.

  3. the ghosts are great - but just now we seem to have a few days of summer (so far it fell on a saturday:((), so I am trying to do cool blues etc. I still haven't found glow-in-the-dark fibres - is there a source anywhere in europe for this?
    happy spinning, and no soccer in our house, not even WWC:))

  4. Oh my, I got lucky at some Halloween online store with the fibre (after nearly two years of looking, I think), and now I can't remember the address. But maybe googleing for glow in the dark spider's web might help, as this special type of fibre is exactly that ;-)



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