Thursday, June 30, 2011

Snape and the Pirate

Hi everyone, it's been quiet here on the blog for a while now. I've had so much to do I was hardly able to keep up with it all (well, *not* able to keep up with it all, as my absence here shows), but I've wanted to show you two finished pieces by one of our customers for so long now, and now I finally can:

Severus Snape

Heather combined our Snape art yarn with mohair and made this stunning hood. She let her daughter wear it for the photoshooting, and she told us 
"I can't wait for cold weather to see the silk fluttering in the wind!"
 What a wonderful thought! :-)

A Pirate's Life for Me
What a gorgeous piece, and how fitting for the pirate yarn! Here's what Heather says:
"I added a little bit of a gray and black yarn at the top that had long locks spun into it that matched your yarn perfectly! This is the link to the pattern I used:
It's a great pattern to use for this type of yarn, I think it really shows the textures and the add ins!"

You can find Heather as ThePinkPirate on Etsy, or visit her blog. Heather, thank you so much again for the pictures!


  1. The hood is really cool!
    I'm knitting something similar ;-)

  2. Woah, I love the hood! The shawl also looks wonderful! It's great to see what people knit with your gorgeous yarn. And the silk fluttering in the wind will really be like Snape's billowing cloak! Love it!!!



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