Thursday, June 16, 2011

About Inspiration, Lost Opportunities and Comic Books

A few days ago, I rediscovered a number of silver bells in one of my yarn add-ins drawers. I had wanted to spin another joker/jester art yarn for a while, so this came at the right moment. My first jester art yarn was among the first art yarns I ever spun, and I liked the idea of coming back to the general concept and creating something completely different this time. I chose red, green, and black fibres, carded them up into a gorgeous batt, and spun it into 220 m of wonderful art yarn, adding the bells and some eyelash yarn, as well as black glittery thread.

Midnight Joker

Shortly afterwards, I suddenly realized the bells would have been great for a Harley Quinn art yarn, as well. As I mentioned before, I love comic books (and graphic novels), and though I am fairly new to the "classic" comic universes (having started my adult comic book life with Hellboy and The Sandman), I have some general knowledge about a few of the characters (and Wikipedia always helps ;-)). I watched the (admittedly rather cheap and predictable) Birds of Prey TV show recently, so that's probably why Harley Quinn popped into my mind. Anyway - I have only six bells left now, and that's not enough for a yarn. But I already carded up some fibres and will search for more bells as soon as possible. I might even have a few more, though different-looking ones, and I will have to think about whether using different bells would be a good thing or not.

Speaking of comics and the "classic" universes, look what arrived today: The DC Comics Encyclopedia.

Just look at the size of this book! My foot (large-ish standard foot, I like to think ;-) German size 40/41) looks tiny beside it. I had no idea this was so huge when I ordered it, and I am so happy :-) Now I have a means to learn about all those characters, maybe choose the next comic book to read, and find some inspirations for new art yarns at the same time. The inspiration part was the main factor for ordering this book, actually. Ahhh, I already love it!


  1. I prefer your second to your first jester yarn! isn't a jester someone, who doesn't only fool about, but also tries do wrap darker thoughts into jokes (e.g. for the king, who only allows his jester this behaviour?)? perfect for those darker colours! just don't try to read the comic book in bed - you might hit yourself with it if you fall asleep:))

  2. The yarn looks quite beautiful! I love the colours and texture.

    I want to have a look at your new book during my next visit :-)

  3. @Woolly Bits: I like this one a lot better than the first, too! And you're right about the jester - and about not reading THAT book in bed :-D

    @Fibre Piratess: you're welcome any time, you know - and you're also welcome to look at the book, of course :-)



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