Friday, August 30, 2013

I shrank the TARDIS

Long time, no blogging... I am sorry I've been so absent, there was such a lot going on. I've been writing job applications, we're still renovating, I had to go to the hospital in July, and somehow now it's nearly September already.

But let me tell you about my recent craft activities :-)

A few months ago, I was asked whether I could spin a Doctor Who yarn with TARDIS beads in it. I went into research mode instantly and went looking for TARDIS beads or charms on the internet. There were not many to be found, and the ones I did find were handmade and (rightly!) quite expensive. As I need several beads or charms for a yarn and have to stay within a certain budget, these were out of the question.

I kept thinking what I could do. Making some from polymer clay myself came into mind, but that would take so much time that it would blow the budget, too. I finally remembered to have read about shrinky dinks - you all probably know it, as it seems to have been and still be very popular. But for those of you, like me, who have never heard of it, let me explain. It's a kind of plastic sheet which you can colour and cut to your liking and then heat in the oven where it will shrink to harder, thicker plates. It's used for jewelry making and I thought maybe it would suit my purposes, too. I ordered a few sheets at once and tried it, but it took me some time to find the right size for my TARDIS.

Today, I succeeded. I made nine TARDISses (and some other stuff from the scraps, just to see what can be done) and I am really looking forward to spinning the yarn!

As the potential customer asked for a yarn inspired by the eleventh Doctor, I'm thinking browns and beiges (tweed suit), a bit of white (shirt) and some red (bowtie, fez) or maybe even small fabric bowtie-y things. I think it will be rustic in a very charming way.


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