Friday, December 6, 2013

Fresh Supply of Stitch Marker Candies

Life has been good. So has business - nearly all my stitch marker candies have gone which means I have sold as many yarns :-) Thank you so much, my dear customers!

As I have promised one free stitch marker with every skein of yarn until Christmas eve, I took some time today to make more. As I also have a new mobile phone with a much better camera than my battered old one had, there are some photos of the process, too.

The beginning - just a few markers, and I played around with some photo filters, too (mainly the frame)
20 stitch markers, each a little different, all of them beautiful and made with great care.

Sewing the candy packs - each containing one stitch marker. I used floral paper, paper with hieroglyphs, and even some with cute Halloween spiders (it's never too late for a little Halloween mood!) and other designs.

Finished! 20 unique little candies, ready to be shipped out with future orders.

I like the new camera very much! I couldn't have taken these pictures in this light with my old Galaxy S, but the Nexus 5 gets the job done very well. I'm looking forward to taking yarn photos and see how they turn out. I won't have time over the weekend, I think (still renovating to do), but I will take photos and list new yarns next week.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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