Saturday, September 6, 2008

Can't get enough!

I never thought I'd fall for something like polymer clay, since I normally prefer glass, wood, gem stones and the like - but I just can't stop myself making more beads ;-) It's amazing to be able to make just the stuff I need for a project, and especially for Halloween, I don't care if they are made from plastics (or whatever exactly), they are far too gorgeous :-D So there will be some new yarns soon, I suppose. I might keep some for the crafts fair in October, but some of them will make it into our Etsy shop. The first batch of ghosts has already been spun in and the yarn is drying, setting the twist. Now I'll need some good weather to take good or maybe at least acceptable photos, but it's been raining quite a lot for the last few days and there was not enough light for good pictures...

1 comment:

  1. I've gotten the polymer clay bug too. It's so easy to manipulate and you can fire it in your oven!



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