Monday, February 23, 2009


We have decided to award this yarn to the person who buys our 200th yarn:

It has been spun from gorgeously shiny wool/silk blend of white, mixed with soft merino wool of yellow, green and orange, as well as some hand dyed tussah silk of red. Some Sari silk has also been mixed into the first batts (I have to admit I forgot to put some in later, since I had to put my spinning stuff away for a few days). Different kinds of gems and beads have been strung onto a iridescent thread and then spun in as well.

120 m
87 g
~ 6-9 wpi

Buy the yarn that our Etsy shop will count as yarn nr. 200 and you'll get this beauty for free!


  1. It seems to have been very interesting indeed, since it's already gone ;-)


  2. Too bad it's gone, it is beautiful :)



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