Monday, April 27, 2009

It's here, it's really here!!!

In fact, the drum carder arrived on friday, but I wasn't able to set it up then. I was away for the weekend, so I had to wait until today - but then I DID IT! ;-)
I am still trying to use the right amount of fibre and I haven't experimented with different colours, yet. I am very satisfied with my first batts, though:

The black one is quite small, but the white ones are what I supposed would come out. The picture is not very good and the batts look a little boring - but they really are gorgeous! I've used white Blue Faced Leicester, white linen/flax, white merino/silk blend and some white and silver angelina - and the texture is simply heavenly! I am quite inclined to spinning them right away :-) Or maybe I'll have another go on the carder, first. I hope TrashQueen, my dear friend and business associate (;-)) will be able to join me this evening - for freaky fibre festivities!


  1. sooooo yammie. superrrrryarrrn will you make out of it. but you already made your yarns superrrrr.
    have fun:

  2. Glückwunsch, schaut super aus! Ich hoffe und denke, ihr habt viel Spaß mit eurem Zuwachs ;)

    Liebe Grüße,



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