Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We're Back!

Hello everyone :-)
We returned safely from Norway a few days ago. We had a wonderful time, quite a bit of rain, but also enough sunshine for various outdoor activities. Like spinning, for example :-) (Well, yes, I do admit it's not exactly an outdoor activity per se - but it's fun to spin outside for a change!)

This photo was taken at the lake of Hagalid, a very small place up in the mountains of Hjelmeland:

A beautiful place, and so quiet and peaceful! I spent quite a while sitting on a stone and spinning while Twisted and both our husbands engaged in more exciting activities, catching trouts for our dinner :-)
At this point let me just say that getting a fishing permit for lakes in Norway is not something you should try - it's hopeless! Nobody seems to know where to send you and it was quite frustrating, especially since it seemed so easy when we read about it before we actually went there and found out. Luckily you don't need a permit for fishing in the ocean, so that's what we (that is to say, everyone but me ;-)) did in the end.

We also visited Landa, a prehistoric settlement and now a living history centre. We encountered a cute little black pig, a few bunnies, some wild sheep who were actually shedding their wool but were too quick for us to go and collect some, and - we found the spindles ;-) There were two baskets of fibre, a few spindles, and no one in sight, so we just presumed the tools were there for everyone to try and we kind of pounced on them :-D

After a while, a small group of other visitors came by and I think I heard one of the boys watching us spin say something like "vad kul", which is "how cool" in Swedish and probably something similar in Norwegian. I did like that :-D

We also collected a few mushrooms, my companions caught more fish, and we rented a small motorboat and spent a good part of two days on the fjord. All in all - a wonderful vacation :-)

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  1. welcome home! ich fand norwegen auch super, wenn ich damals auch noch nicht gesponnen habe (dafuer sass ich stickend um mitternacht am sognefjord:)). was ich damals zum schreien fand (als nichtangler) - man bekam im supermarkt keinen fisch zu kaufen! naja, zum glueck hat norwegen ja auch im landesinneren ziemlich viel zugang zum meer:)) ich hoffe, der fuss ist auch wieder ok?



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