Friday, January 21, 2011

Egyptian Blessing

I have different ways of composing yarns. One of them is to think of a story, mood, music piece, character or whatever, and then collect all the colours and add-ins that I think would be apposite. Another way is to just choose some colours and start carding, thinking of a suitable name later. With my latest yarn, the latter was the case - but I didn't have to think of a name, it kind of hit me suddenly.

I started out with different kinds of fibre of blue, yellow, and a little white and black. The colour combination reminded me of the descriptions of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, as blue and gold are closely associated with them. And then something else came to my mind: Captain Sharidan of Babylon 5 (one of my favourite TV shows) cites a supposedly ancient Egyptian blessing: May God stand between you and harm in all the empty places where you must walk.

I've always liked it, and I like the association of this beautiful yarn with this blessing. I've been meaning to find out whether it's really ancient Egyptian, but I've only googled it just now. If we can believe these people, writer Harlan Ellison made it up. I still mean to have a look in our library or ask one of my professors, though. When I googled the blessing, I also stumbled upon some suggestions as to how to change the line to be acceptable to an atheist. I'd like to share the link, just as a side note: here you go :-)

I hope to list the yarn during the next week, so look out for it in our shop :-)


  1. LOVE this yarn!!!! Looks sooo good!

  2. Oh, I'm loving this yarn! There's so much movement in it - beautiful.



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