Saturday, November 5, 2011

Awesome Art Yarn Cowl

A while ago, I traded two skeins of custom art yarn for a whole box of wellness goodies, like soaps and bath bombs. Today I found a message from my wonderful trade partner Topaz, linking to the finished piece she knitted from my yarns - and she kindly allowed me to share the photos with you!

If you'd like to pay Topaz a visit, please go to

And here's what I got - not only are the soaps and bath bombs amazing, but Topaz also made these wonderful wrappings/packages, so they are beautiful, too :-)

(sorry the photo is not so good, the light was bad that day, and I couldn't take another one because I had already started using these goodies ;-))


  1. Such an awesome piece of art! I also had a look at the other yarns you showed in the past days and they all are absolutely stunning :). And I definitely have to send you the Eisprinzessinnenseife some time soon. Bad bad dementia ;).

  2. Thank you :-) And no pressure! ;-)

  3. A very beautiful cowl! The form is very elegant and feminine. Also the color and the beads are very beauty! Best regards Senna



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