Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spring Has Sprung! least in the local home deco store. Otherwise, it's cold and somewhat grey and rainy (wish there was snow!), but I am very glad about the premature offer of spring deco, because the store now has some of my favourite ribbons available again:

There was also soft pink and lilac, but no light blue, which I would have liked to buy. Red, green and yellow are wonderful, though, and I do like the dots :-)

Something I also like is what Twisted gave me for Yul: a package of soft, brightly coloured, sparkling puff thingies. I alrady used a lot of them, and this yarn is my favourite:

Alien Frog Pond

The others were also a lot of fun to spin. There are three yarns so far featuring the whimsical puffs:

I have enough red ones for another yarn (at least I think so, I should check) and smaller blue and violet ones for another, so there will probably be two more quite soon.

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