Thursday, February 16, 2012

Please Hold The Line

As some of you probably know, I have been working on my master's thesis for quite a while. Actually, it's been a lot longer than I anticipated, and I really want to get it out of the way.

At the beginning of 2012 I decided to decrease the work on the shop slightly, to have more time for the thesis, but somehow that didn't really work out. I did less, but it's still something that's in the back of my head, especially since I really want to work on the shop - to be honest, I'd rather do that than work on my thesis and that's where the problem really lies. I realized I needed to focus much, much more on the one thing that really needs to be done. So I made a tough decision - I will put the shop nearly on hold. This doesn't mean it will be closed, and it doesn't mean I won't write the occasional blog post or put a new yarn in the shop from time to time, but I won't do all that on a regular basis. This post is meant to make this clear for myself as well as for you, our dear readers and customers, as I see how badly it worked when it was only a vague idea in my head ;-)

We will still ship out orders within our usual time frame of three work days, and I will probably spin every now and then to clear my head, but I won't pressure myself to keep everything up to date and I don't think I'll be able to do custom yarns for a while.

I do hope you'll bear with me/us! If you want to be notified about any news (new yarn, new blog post), please become our fan on facebook, as we will post updates there should they occur.

I'll miss you!


  1. Sehr sehr schade, aber eigentlich nur vernünftig, finde ich.

  2. da stimm ich zu, man kann eben immer nur auf einer hochzeit tanzen:)) wenn Du Dich voll drauf konzentrierst, ist ja sicher auch irgendwann ein ende in sicht... jedenfalls viel erfolg - und see you - soon:))



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