Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Project

Two weeks ago I found out that one of my oldest friends is pregnant. I decided to make a baby blanket, and I hope that I'll finish it in time. It has to be handspun, of course (I think I've never bought yarn since I started spinning my own), so I quickly carded some batts and started spinning. Here's a work in progress photo from last week, I've actually finished the yarn and started knitting by now. More photos soon, I hope, and I also hope to be able to share some art yarn photos soon, too :-)


  1. looking forward to see the blanket - the white in the yarn blend just gave me an idea for my "prince" yarn. I used blues and a yellow like yours - and thought a lot about plying, but couldn't find the right colour... thanks for the inspiration:)

  2. Oh, um, no problem *g* Glad to be of help.
    I will definitely take photos of the blanket as soon as there's enough light. It's been raining a lot lately, not the best conditions for good photos. But I've already knitted about 25 cm, I think, and the yarn is knitting up beautifully.



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