Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rainbow Yarns

I've been making rainbow yarns! The first one was a custom order for someone who wanted an Over the Rainbow art yarn with lots of sparkle and some bird charms and beads, to make into a wall hanging for her grandson.

As I was working on the custom order, someone else asked me whether I've ever spun a rainbow coil / beehive art yarn, like the Tentacles one. When I thought about it I couldn't really understand why I'd never done that, or, in fact, why I never spun any rainbow yarns at all. I did think about it now and then, but somehow I never got around to actually doing it. So, when I forgot to put the sparkles in the batt for the requested rainbow yarn, I ended up with another batt and I did turn it into a beautiful coiled art yarn. I love the in progress photos, with all the rainbow fibres, and want to show you:

 This was the second batt, which became the first yarn (the one with the birds), with lots of glitter.

 This was also taken while preparing to spin the custom yarn - I made four rainbow repeats and layed out the fibres accordingly.

This is the second yarn, with lots of coils (though without sparkle), which I spun in rainbow order from red to purple and then back from purple to red.

 And the finished yarn. I really need to take better photos, but there wasn't time yet. I really love this, and I am very in love with coils and beehives at the moment (not for the first time) :-)

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