Thursday, July 31, 2008


Some time ago, Twisted experimented with carding fibres such as linen and cotton together with wool. I really liked her yarn and had to try myself. I used grey and rust red merino wool, cotton, linen, hemp and some coppery angelina (glittery stuff) and carded all these wonderful fibres together. I then spun them together with a copper thread, which was quite stiff and didn't work as well as I would have hoped. It twisted around the yarn, but occasionally made big loops which still stick out. I wanted to make something from it to see how the loops would do (I suspected they would just vanish in the finished object and that's what they did).

I have been wanting to experiment with weaving for almost two years and a few days ago I bought a book ("Weaving without a loom") and today was the day :-) I used the new yarn and started weaving on cardboard and I really like how it's turning out :-)


  1. Was fängsdt du denn mit dem Gewebten an? Schon nen Plan?

  2. "fängst" meinte ich...

  3. Oh, ich hatte ganz vergessen, zu erwähnen, dass das Ding eigentlich eine Tasche ist. Die liegt jetzt hier schon ein paar Wochen und ich müsste noch Tragedingse dran machen...

    Liebe Grüße,

  4. Und Fotos...
    Da ich nicht weiß, wie ich das Gewebte nachher vom Rahmen runter bekommen, hab ich irgendwann einfach aufgehört und mein halbfertiges Werk, was auch eine Tasche werden sollte, verstaubt langsam aber sicher.



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