Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Punk goes Metal - once again

Some time ago, I spun (and sold) an art yarn in black and red with metal discs and screw nuts. Spinning it was fun and I also really liked it - so I did it again. This time, I didn't want to sell the yarn, but to knit a set of scarf and hat/beenie to sell.
I did the scarf in two days, but since I would have to craft a set of double pointed needles in order to knit the hat, I somehow got lost on the way ;-) I really don't like working with wood... But sometime soon I will proceed and make a hat as fabulous as the scarf is :-)
It will be quite hard for me to sell this beauty - but at least I know that I can always make more of this wonderful yarn and knit whatever I like.

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