Friday, October 24, 2008

How I long for a Drum Carder!

Oh... A Drum Carder would absolutely be the most adorable present this Christmas. And I bet Weird feels just the same. I just can't stop drooling over those fantastic fiber creations on etsy and I wish I could card them more professionally myself!

I mean... See for yourself!

makes these wonderful, dark, glimmering batts. She's really good in blending contrasting colors and creating outstanding color combinations, and she seems to use many wonderful types of fiber!

Those batts radiate in vibrant colors and look awesomely soft. Ah... I really don't know if I could spin them up, I mean: They look already so fantastic!

I think I'd just hug them and pet them a bit...

has carded this beauties.

I really like the colors of these batts, they're all warm and gentle. The fibers look soft and my fingers itch if I think of spinning these batts! I already can feel the softness of the caramel fibers...

And the best is: There's much glittering stuff in these batts already! That's great, because I love glittering stuff. :-)

I guess I'd have my problems spinning these wonderful batts, too, as I reckon I'd drool all over them if I could lay my fingers on them. ;-)

And then, of course, there's Loop.
I don't know what I can say about those fascinating batts. You can see for yourself how gorgeous they are! Those shimmering colors, the softness of the fibers!

Ah... It's just too much for me. And that's the problem: I can't decide! They are all so delicious! I don't know if I'm able of purchasing just a single one of those fantastic batts and neglect the others! My self-discipline is rather low, especially concerning yarn stuff, and so I end up with purchasing none at all.

The solution is: Someone has to buy me a drum carder, so I can at least start my feeble attempts in carding batts.

Hello, Mr. Claus? Anyone there? ;-)


  1. Traumhaft! Zum Klauen und Wegspinnen schön!
    Liebe Sonntagsgrüße

  2. aww ive found so many bats that are in so beautiful colors and so soft.. but im afraid i cant use them for my dolls... :( thus im leaving that to you! ^^

  3. Yes, I know exactly what you mean - pure unspun wool isn't very suited to mimic hair. ;)

  4. ach, wunderschön,
    vollkommen schön
    rita (die vielleicht heute ihr brandneue spinnrad bekommt)(postbote!!! komm endlich)



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