Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cultural Ages - new series coming up

I have long wanted to spin some yarns inspired by our various cultural ages. As an archaeologist, this might be a bit obvious ;-) and after our journey to Ireland I was inspired even more. So I started right away and have now finished Stone Age, Copper Age, and Bronze Age.

These yarns are not meant to represent anything authentic, I didn't use only materials that would have been in use during the respective age. These yarns are art yarns, inspired by the particular age, but not being limited by it. For instance, the Stone Age Yarn (which I like best) contains bone beads, which, in some form or another, were common during that time, but it also contains glittery angelina which is an artificially produced fibre.

The Bronze and Copper Age yarns look quite similar, though they are made from different fibre and while the Copper Age yarn contains hammered copper spirals, the Bronze Age yarn contains spirals made from brass, since bronze is very hard to come by and I am not sure whether it's even possible to get some bronze wire. You'll probably have to know the right people ;-)

My next yarn in this series will be a Golden Age yarn, I'll use naturally white Blue Faced Leicester wool, golden thread and brass spirals. I could use gold plated wire, but I'm afraid it will look coppery after a while, so I'll stay on the safe side.

I've also thought about a Star Age/Future Age yarn, but I haven't planned the details yet.


  1. those yarns look interesting! I don't think you'll have to use the authentic materials - as long as you are not in re-enactment with one of those more specialised groups, who only use authentic stuff:)) I somehow doubt that people of those times spun art yarns at all - it's probably something modern for people, who can spin for fun and don't have to restrict themselves due to scarcety of materials and time!

  2. No, you are right and I know that - I just wanted to be on the safe side and tell others my thoughts, so no one will be mislead into thinking I was providing (or thinking I was providing) anything authentic here ;-)

  3. I like your idea and no doubt about your authentic way to spin fibres ;-)



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