Sunday, October 4, 2009

We love Halloween!

I, for my part, also love Helloween (the metal band) and always confuse the spelling, but that's not the point here ;-) What I wanted to share were some photos of my latest halloween yarns:

These three are quite typical as to their colours and they are all plied with a glow in the dark thread. The orange/black one has also got some pumpkin and bat sequins in it, the white/orange one contains luxury fibre and seed beads, and the black/orange one contains orange ribbons, screw nuts and metal discs, belonging to my punkrock series.
Then there is also a halloween yarn that lacks the usual colours, but I think it's absolutely gorgeous and it will be very hard to part with that one - meet my Scarecrow yarn:

It is rather less soft than the others, not as squashy, and might be more suitable for a small purse/bag (wich my fingers are really itching to make! But I'll be strong and list it anyway) or some other accessory not worn next to the skin. It contains ribbons with leaves, some other ribbons that resemble rough material as you would imagine for a scarecrow, and handmade heads from polymer clay the lighter parts of which glow in the dark.

I really wanted to list all these yarns (and more) before going to Ireland, but I just didn't manage, what with the wedding preparations and everything. So I'll do my best to list them soon, still in time for Halloween. Even if they won't arrive in time to become finished garments before Halloween, they should arrive in time for potential buyers to take some stylish knitting to any Halloween party ;-)


  1. the orangey ones are fun - but I prefer the scarecrow! looks quite noble:)) where do you get the glow-in-the-dark yarn for plying? I have a spool of very fine yarn, but it's really only good for quilting or sewing, too fine for plying!

  2. I just visited your blog and I adore the yarns you make! They're absolutely GORGIOUS!!!!
    I also love, as well as the rest of my family, Halloween! You truly inspire me and I hope that someday, I will also be able to make such wonderful art yarns! That will be my goal!!! Love, Alexandra

  3. Awww, thank you so much!

    whooops - I just noticed I didn't answer your comment, Woolly Bits. Sorry! Must have slipped my attention somehow. Um... and I just noticed it's two years old, shame on me!
    I got the glow in the dark thread on Ebay, but when I wanted to order more I couldn't find it anymore. This year I found a substitute, but it's not as good as the first one. I always keep my eyes open, hoping to get my hands on more of the original supply.



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