Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shifting Stash

I think it's quite fascinating that I can decrease the volume of my stash by spinning yarn from it - which doesn't need as much space as unspun wool or other materials ;-) It needs even less room when wound to balls (I had a bag full of skeins and after I wound them they took about three quarters of the bag).
Anyway, enough of strange thoughts. I just wanted to show a picture of the nine small skeins I spun yesterday, with the intent of knitting them into graffiti. They are roughly between 30 and 60 m each and I will have a lot of fun combining them and embellish some lonely lamp posts or some bleak landscape - although I have to watch which of the yarns I'll use for land art, since I really don't want to leave anything that won't decompose, such as angelina or metallic thread. Well, I'll have a few days to get creative, since Twisted, our husbands and I will be spending some quiet, lazy days together. I'm really looking forward to that :-)

Happy New Year to all of you!

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