Thursday, December 10, 2009

Look at this!

Earlier this year, we offered a free art yarn (Summer Sorbet) to the person who bought the 200th yarn from our shop. The skein went to Max, who has already supplied us with numerous pictures of the stunning things she has made from many others of our art yarns - and now she was so kind to send us pictures of the hat she made from the Summer Sorbet art yarn.

Just to remind you - this was the yarn:

Max tells me her daughter was very persistent and finally Max gave in and made a had for her, rather than keeping the yarn for herself. Here it is, isn't it just adorable?

I hardly recognized the yarn, to be honest! I mean, I liked it as a skein, but knitted up it's so much more wonderful. Usually, I have some idea as to how a yarn might look when knitted into a garment, but with this one I am very surprised. I love this hat! :-)
Thank you so much for sharing this, Max!

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