Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Yarn Graffiti

The past week has been pretty eventful, my husband and I went on some trips and I took some graffiti with me, of course ;-)

First, we went to Lake Chiemsee to visit my dad and his girlfriend and to see some friends, then we returned home for a few days of board games with my sister-in-law and then we went to a hotel in Mühlheim (a veeery small town at the river Moselle) for a few days, which was a wedding present we finally took the time to enjoy :-) On our way back home we decided to surprise the family and I was very pleased to be able to decorate the garden fence of my parents-in-law (without them seeing me do it, of course).

My first mushrooms, which I already knitted while we had our end-of-year vacation, are now graffiti, as you will see in some of the next photos.
I have since knitted two more (one pink and black, one red and white), but I still need to finish the pieces to hold them before they can become graffiti.

I fixed this mushroom to the back of a bench on the Herreninsel, an island in the Chiemsee we went to by boat. We had a wonderful day and the weather was fantastic: frosty and sunny. It was a good thing we went that day since the snow started melting the next day and it also rained heavily then. Time for board games :-)
Sadly, the only (?) café on the island was closed and the cake we bought at a temporary café tent wasn't too good, but we had a good time nonetheless.

I knitted this one while on the boat to the Herreninsel and at my dad's girlfriend's later that day. When we met some friends a couple of days later and went on a long walk near the lake, I jumped at the opportunity to fix it to something - and it even goes well with the colours of that telescope ;-)

I wonder whether my parents-in-law have discovered this yet. They were the ones to give me the yarn graffiti book (Yarn Bombing) for Christmas, without really knowing what it was about, so I thought they really needed to see some yarn graffiti at close range ;-)
When I fixed this to the fence, it was snowing and raining, really disgusting, but the snow looks nice on the mushroom, don't you think?


  1. Love your mushrooms. I just did MY first yarn bombing with a shelf fungus this weekend.

  2. I'm working on my first ever yarn bomb today! I'm very excited to try it! I'm going to friend you on ravelry too

  3. so tempting to try this, what does it say on your labels?

  4. It says Knitting Ninjas :-)
    It's so great to read about more people doing yarn graffiti!

  5. yarn bombing is SUCH a cool idea. i'm totally going to get on this.



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