Thursday, February 4, 2010

Venomous & Beautiful

I'm talking about the inspiration for my new supercoil art yarn: the Portuguese Man o' War, also known as Bluebottle or blue bubble. The binomial name is Physalia physalis and the jelly-like creature is, in fact, not one, but many - a colony of polyps and medusoids. I've never seen a real one (they're not native where I live or where I usually go on vacation), but I am fascinated by the beauty and the stunning colours of these creatures. I vaguely remember reading about them as a child, in some kind of children's book about what kind of things you can find on the beach, and I always thought they were definetly deadly. Now, years later, there's the internet ;-) and I found out that though they are venomous they rarely cause death, but the stings are very painful. So - I still don't really fancy meeting one of these beauties directly ;-)

Anyway, I've been wanting to spin a yarn to do their beauty justice and I've given it a lot of thought. Somehow, a simple yarn didn't seem fitting, so I decided to go for supercoils once more, which I haven't done for quite some time. I think it was the best choice, I am very pleased with the outcome. I realised that I tend to forget how much work this technique is, this skein of 30 m/60 g took me three and a half hours. But it was worth every minute, the yarn is spectacular! I really love the colours (though I could never wear them, they don't really look good on me) and their distribution. And I sooo like the texture of supercoil yarn! :-)


  1. Wunder-, Wunderschön! Und ich bin neidisch. Wenn ich eines nicht hinbekomme, dann sind es Super-Coils. Ich hab irgendwann so viel Drall, dass gar nix mehr geht. Grmpf!
    Aber das wird mir Frau Boggs im Insubordiknit-Workshop Ende Februar sicherlich beibringen. Muhahaha!

    Gruße, mel

  2. jaahaaa, wunderherrlich!! :o) *seufz*
    kann mir mal wer ein bisschen spinnzeit abgeben?
    ich komm spinntechnisch grad zu gar nix...
    jämmerliche grüße,
    frau wo aus po

  3. Ich hatte auch Probleme mit dem Drall, und zwar auf dem Kernfaden. Ich habe einfach getrickst und ihn mehrfach abgeschnitten und neu angeknotet - sieht man ja nicht und das ist haltbarer, als wenn er wegen Überdrehung reißt.

    Ach, Frau Wo, es kommen bestimmt wieder bessere Zeiten! Ich hatte in letzter Zeit auch viel zu wenig Spinnzeit und kann die jämmerlichen Grüße sehr gut verstehen!



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