Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blur of Colour

Recent attempts to make the white and grey winter world a little more interesting and cheerful. Somehow, I always end up with the same colours after each dyeing session, though. I should work on a wider range ;-)

I've dyed alpaca, mild proteine fibre, Bluefaced Leicester, merino/kid mohair blend, tussah silk, merino/tussah silk blend, some Wensleydale curls and two skeins of handspun Icelandic wool.

Speaking of Icelandic wool, that stuff is amazing!
When I went to Iceland in 2008, I bought a shawl made from local wool which is not nearly as soft as merino or BFL, but amazingly warm! And I do love the texture, so I wear the shawl a lot - but it's really more a broad scarf than a shawl and I wanted something larger, so when one of my favourite suppliers added Icelandic wool to his shop I couldn't stop myself and just HAD to buy some ;-) I got white and (natural) black varieties and after I spun a wonderful black yarn for the shop (which has already been sold), I sat down to spin a larger amount for myself. It's about 800 m of laceweight yarn, now dyed dark green - and now I have to decide on a pattern.
I had also brought some raw wool home when I returned from Iceland, and turned some of it into a scarf and wrist warmers for winter excavations (did I mention that stuff was warm?!) which have proven the fibre to be the perfect material. I need to take photos, I always forget...


  1. scrummy colours, I've not tried Icelandic yet, must add it to my list!

  2. Sehr schöne Fraben, ich mag das ganz hinten links mit den Grüntönen.
    Welche Farben hast du denn benutzt?

    Gestern im dm gab es tolle Ostereierfarben, aber ich hab ja erstmal noch TQs Notration aus dem Päckchen und warte, bis die nach Ostern alles reduzieren.
    Morgen Abend ist der Liebste in Köln, vielleicht lege ich einen Färbeabend ein, wenn nix in der Glotze kommt...


  3. @Granny: ich habe Säurefarben benutzt, wie immer bei größeren Färbeaktionen. Ostereierfarben sind ganz gut für kleinere Mengen und für zwischendurch, aber da braucht man halt verhältnismäßig viel Farbe und dementsprechend ist es relativ teuer.

    Hast du gefärbt? Bin gespannt auf Bilder :-)



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