Thursday, March 25, 2010

So Many Ideas

I've not even spun up all the batts I carded the other day and I have already got so many ideas for new yarns, I can hardly keep up ;-)

I've been wanting to spin some more Harry Potter inspired yarns (I must have listened to the audio books about 20 to 30 times so far, I always start from the beginning when I'm through with book 7 - do feel free to call me crazy ;-)) and I like my new ideas: I plan to spin a Trelawny yarn and since the descriptions of the first divination lesson offer so much I will also spin a "Welcome to Divination" yarn, the materials for which I've just assembled:

The room is described as lit with a crimson light, the lamps draped with red scarves (hence the colours I chose), the students sit in chintz arm chairs and on fat poufs which I imagine as somewhat furry or fuzzy (so I chose eyelash yarn and mohair curls as add-ins), and the shelves are filled with feathers and crystal balls, among other things (I found some real feathers and rock crystal beads). I don't have any tea cup charms, but I chose some metal leave charms alluding to the tea leaves we can read quite a lot about.

And now excuse me, I have to start spinning ;-)

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