Monday, March 29, 2010

Too Bad

I am -again- faced with weather too bad for good yarn photos. I finished the Welcome to Divination yarn the day I posted the picture, but I haven't been able to take photos and list the yarn. Of 22 photos I could only use this one, which is not really good enough, either, but which will at least give you an idea of how the yarn looks:

I do hope I'll be able to take good pictures soon, so this beauty can be listed :-) I'm currently working on a glittering Professor Trelawney yarn, by the way, so the Potter madness doesn't end here ;-)


  1. It's hard to think of that picture as "not good enough" becasue it is beautiful!

  2. will it be as frizzy as the prof? or with bats in it (blind as a bat?:)). the divination stuff is great - and if I called you crazy - I'd be the same. I am rather glad that all 7 books are out, because I always read all earlier books before the next one came:)) never mind, true hp fans will understand! happy spinning - I am looking forward to trelawney:))

  3. @Kitten With a Whiplash: The small size version of the picture is okay, but the full size version is of bad quality :-/ The other photos were much worse, though, nearly none of them was sharp anywhere...

    @Woolly Bits: I'm concentrating more on the description of Trelawney as a large, glittering insect :-D Bats would have made great add-ins, though!

  4. That IS a gorgeous red skein! Hmmm, perhaps I'll start planning a "red" project now, as soon as I finish up my "blue" project?

  5. A red project sounds lovely! ;-)



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