Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gifts from the Ocean

I just can't help spinning more ocean-themed yarns, I love the colours and the mood they convey. I dyed quite a lot of fibre the other day (hopefully, pictures will follow soon) and there's a lot of blue and aqua there, so I'll be doing some more aquatic yarns. Here's my latest:

I have spun it from hand dyed Bluefaced Leicester/Kid Mohair blend, using the corespinning technique to get this lofty, fluffy, gorgeously textured yarn. The fibre is not simply twisted as in normal yarns, but spun around a core thread. This fibre mix is perfect for the technique, I just love the texture! I added genuine freshwater pearls, sea shells, kyanite beads, and amethyst drops. This is another yarn it will be hard to part with.

I also made an ocean-themed Treasury East which I like a lot - feel free to have a look and comment on it if you like it :-)


  1. I love your yarn. I have started knitting again due to the pictures of art yarn. How do the sweaters come out with all the little beady things on it?

  2. Thanks, you two! :-) Your comments are very much appreciated!

    Pinky, I have never made a sweater and our skeins are usually not enough to make one - art yarn is a hell of a lot of work and no one would pay the price of enough art yarn for such a large project, I suppose. But hats, scarves, shawls, wrist warmers, neck cuffs and other small projects are wonderful to make from art yarn. If you'd like, have a look at our made from art yarn section, there's pictures :-)
    I think a sweater WOULD be lovely with all the beads and ribbons, by the way :-) Or maybe a sweater from plain yarn with art yarn bits (like cuffs, seems, a border or the like), that I imagine would be great, too.


  3. It's like fluffy sea foam! The beads are lovely.



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