Friday, May 21, 2010

Today, I'm sad

Some time ago, a fellow spinner and I agreed to a trade: she would send me a handmade spindle and I would spin her some custom art yarn. I was so looking forward to receiving the spindle, having seen pictures beforehand.
Today I received a parcel with a fat, colourful batt, many different sweets and the spindle - which was broken. I HATE our postal service! The spindle was well-wrapped (in bubble wrap AND the whole fibre batt) and it should have survived the journey. I'm really mad right now, as well as sad. (oh dear, that even rhymes...)
I also feel bad for my fellow spinner and her husband who put a lot of work into this beautiful spindle, all for nothing.


  1. Oh no! :( What a disappointment it must be.

  2. Frag doch mal in einem wirklich guten Baumarkt nach ... manchmal kann man so was noch gut kleben. Über die deutsche Post hab ich ohnehin so meine Meinung, speziell was den Paketdienst angeht ... Augenrollenden Gruß von schmollfisch Anna!

  3. Is there anyway to fix it? That is horrible. So sorry to hear that.

  4. Twisted and I have taken a close look by now and we think it should be possible to fix it. I am not sure whether it will still turn as well as before, but it is definitely worth a try. Nothing more to break, is there?
    Thanks for your support, everyone!



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