Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Keeping Up

I've been through a very busy time, some of it exhausting, some of it fun :-) My husband and I spent the last weekend in the Black Forest for a little walking tour; last week, we spent quite some time to complete our archery equipment; my dad visited with us for nearly a week; I had a lot of work to do (as always), but I also got some spinning done while my dad read Lucky Luke - sometimes aloud ;-)

Grey Rose

(286 m, 43 g, 28-30 wpi)
contains black bamboo, light green merino/silk blend, and hand dyed silk and lambs wool of a dusky rose colour.

Nothing But Blue Sky

(173 m, 114 g, 8-12 wpi)
contains hand dyed merino/bamboo blend, lace fabric, eyelash yarn, freshwater pearls, golden thread, facetted glass beads, angelina and wonderfully shimmering sequin-like things shaped like a snowflake or flower.

As for non-fibre-related stuff, there's a lot going on. I am currently reading and researching for my thesis, and I have yet to see about the technical aspects of the whole thing. I've just bought a netbook since I will have to do quite a lot of the work in the library, and I am thinking of learning LaTeX since I really don't want to use Word or the like. I also need to find a suitable database system, but I hope it won't be that hard to find one. Sooo, keeping busy, still hoping for enough spinnng time :-)


  1. is that the carbonized bamboo - or normal bamboo fibres, just dyed black? I didn't like the carbonized stuff, it feels like artificial cotton wool to me:((

  2. It is the carbonized bamboo, I think. It does feel a little strange, but also oddly soft, I quite like it.
    Thanks for commenting, I just realized I haven't been to your blog for ages - must go now and have a look :-)



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