Monday, June 14, 2010

Who would have guessed?

I love the ocean. I love ocean-themed yarns. I made another one :-D
I'm still thinking about the name of this one - "High Tide" comes to mind, as well as "Seashells from the Ocean". Well, both are not too creative, I'm afraid. Maybe I'll consult my pillow :-)
This is another one of my yarns I'll find it hard to part with, by the way - but that's the same with all my ocean yarns, come to think of it.

And here's another new one where the title is difficult. Since it's made from pure alpaca fibre (hand dyed by myself) and contains silver flowers, I'm thinking of "Paca ate the Flowers". A bit weird, I know - but so am I ;-)

I hope to be able to list this one before I fall asleep. It's nearly 2 in the night here and I should go to bed... At least it's quiet now - after Germany won the game tonight, people made quite a racket. I did actually watch the game, and I think that was a first. I was never really interested, but somehow I didn't even get bored and I kind of look forward to the next one tomorrow. Strange things happen...


  1. Hey schön! Sowohl die Garne als auch die Tatsache, dass du Fußball guckst. Ich bin ja eh irgendwie Fan (Fanin?!) und nur etwas eingeschlafen seitdem ich nicht mehr mit meinem Vater unter einem Dach wohne.

  2. I'd call the blue one Triton.


  3. That's a great idea - may I use it later on? I had already decided on Panthalassa for this yarn, but it won't be the last ocean themed one ;-)
    Thanks for the inspiration, I see there's still much to learn about mythology.

  4. Die Farben sind wunderschön! Besonders das blaue Garn ist ein Traum. Das sind dann die Momente in denen ich gerne stricken könnte:-) LG Stefanie



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