Monday, June 7, 2010

A Good Start

Twisted and I participated in a spinning meet-up last weekend. It was nearby, the people were nice and interesting, and we had a lot of fun. I had forgotten many things I would have needed, like an extra bobbin for plying, a needle of the right size, a part of my lazy kate (a plying help thingy), but I managed to spin a gorgeous yarn, anyway. Since I was missing a bobbin, I spun the black plying thread on the Hitchhiker wheel some of the participants thankworthy let me use. It was fun to try that wheel, but honestly: I don't like it much. I love the design and the fact that it is small and portable, but it is very loud when you treadle fast (which I do) and it kept falling apart. Not my thing, really, but I was glad I could use it, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to carry on with the yarn. Which reminds me - here it is ;-)

For My Inner Punk

It contains black and pink merino wool, pink silk strips, metal discs and screw-nuts. I usually don't like pink much, but this combination I LOVE! :-)
Now I need to find some time to list the beauty - should be rather soon.


  1. Adding the bits of metal truly makes it punk worthy. Very creative! :o)

  2. Wow really punky .... great !

    Sieht wieder mal super aus. Es macht richtig Spaß auf das nächste ArtYarn zu warten !

    Liebe Grüße

  3. I have as only spinning wheel a hitchhiker and noisy it is indeed, but the only small affordable one I could find.
    Never tried anything else yet :D

  4. O, ist die schööööön!
    Gruß vom schmollfisch Anna



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