Monday, November 8, 2010

That's What I Call Service

A few weeks ago, my niddynoddy broke. I am ashamed to say it was probably my fault: since I was used to my self-made niddynoddy which I had bound and glued together, and which is therefore flexible, I usually take the yarn right off any niddynoddy I use at the given time. The niddynoddy I ordered on etsy is kind of screwed together, though, and it couldn't hold the tension. It creaked a few times, and then one of the two "arms" broke.

I wrote to The Spinner's Emporium, where I had bought the niddynoddy in question. I explained about what had happened and asked them whether it would be possible for them to make a replacement for the broken part. And guess what? They not only made a replacement, they didn't even charge me! Not even for shipping. I explained it was probably my fault, but they seemed to think it was valuable information, so I didn't have to pay anything. They were so nice and helpful, I am still thrilled. And the replacement piece arrived a few days ago and it fits and I am happy :-)

Now, here is some advice:

1. if you use a niddynoddy, don't take the yarn off right away, but do the following first: push the yarn on one "arm" to the middle of the niddynoddy, and then take off the part of the yarn that's on the opposite arm. That way you'll relax the tension a little before pulling the yarn off.

2. if you want a beautiful, handmade niddynoddy, AND wonderful service, go to The Spinner's Emporium and order one - they are great! Thank you so much, Paul and Dody!

3. don't think there is nothing to be done if one of your beloved tools breaks - just ask whoever might be able to help you (if possible, the person who made the tool)! I say this because what I thought first was: I'll have to send the niddynoddy back so they can make a replacement piece, it will cost lots of shipping fees, and I will have to pay for the replacement, and more shipping fees. For a while, I really thought about throwing it away and pouting ;-) But sometimes, whoever makes the replacement won't need the piece that broke, so getting a replacement piece is easier than you'd think. So asking about your options is always a good choice.

Well, having given out advice without having been asked, I'll shut up now ;-)


  1. I don't have a handmade one - but I don't see how I could break the niddy-noddy - apart from dropping it on the floor maybe! maybe you shouldn't put quite so much tension on it?:)) but it's good to know that some people are still that helpful....what happened to your plan for the scarf - did you try it out?

  2. I usually try not to put too much tension on the yarn, but it seems to build up with every turn... But pushing part of the yarn to the middle before taking it off the other side definitely helps :-)

    I haven't tried anything scarf-related yet, I still have to spin a few more skeins of yarn. I am ashamed to say I hadn't read your comments on the scarf until a few minutes ago, something went wrong with the email notifications and I just didn't realize there were more comments. Thanks for your help :-)

  3. no prob - I didn't have time yet to do more trials with this - but unfortunately you gave me more ideas that I have to follow up eventually:)) blog reading can be bad for my sanity....



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