Monday, November 8, 2010

Year End Spinning Challenge 2010

A few days ago, I was invited to join a spinning challenge on Ravelry. Let me quote the rules:

From November 1st until the last Day of the Year (December 31st) spin as much yarn as you want to! It’s that easy :-) You’ve got 61 days to put a dent in that multiplying stash of yours!

There will be prize categories and if you want to donate a prize, feel free!

I think that sounds wonderful, thank you for the invite, Kat! :-)

I already spun my first challenge yarn, and I even tried to take a photo of the process:

150m/82 g

I will try to update my process on the blog and the Ravelry forum, but spinning is more important, of course ;-) I also spun about 60 m of test yarn for a potential project I might write about some other time.


  1. This is such a beautiful yarn. I haven't seen you do an ugly one. LOL I am so glad to see you partcipate in the fun. You are such an inspiration to me as a spinner. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. ;p

  2. good luck - the first yarn does look very christmassy with the red and gold! not a good time for me - if I manage spinning at all right now, it's for gifts. no time for "just spinning for fun" until after christmas. I guess I won't be able to keep up if I only start on the 26th:))

  3. Oh my, Kat - you're spoiling me! ;-) I am very happy to be an inspiration, but I am also blushing slightly right now *g*

    WoollyBits, I think it doesn't matter whether the spinning is for gifts or "just" for fun - it's the spinning itself that counts! Strictly speaking, I am not spinning just for fun, either - I have a shop to fill ;-) For me, the challenge is a great motivation - and there are even prizes to be won, though that's not the reason I'm participating.

    Have a wonderful evening, you two! :-)



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