Friday, March 25, 2011

The Swan and the Ocean

Quite a while ago, when talking about yarns, a customer of ours indicated the trailer of "Black Swan" to me, telling me to watch out for the scarf in about 0:40 min. I did, and though it's very difficult to see it clearly, I instantly liked the filigree look and have wanted to spin an art yarn inspired by this scarf ever since. Finally, I did:

The Swan

I spun the yarn from white lambs wool, and added many strips of white silk fabric, many narrow organza ribbons, and pieces of white eyelash yarn. This skein is full of stuff, and it's so gorgeous! Spinning it was very time consuming since I had to stop very frequently to spin in more ribbons, strips or eyelash - but it was well worth the time and effort :-)


I also spun another ocean yarn, I just love the colours and I love spinning in sea shells, so this is not the first and it won't be the last, either. Spinning many yarns related to one theme always results in naming difficulties, but I am sure I will find one. Right now, I am thinking of Sparkling Ocean or Sunlight on the Sea, since the golden thread I spun in looks just like that.

Apart from the sea shells, I added grey/peacock freshwater pearls and seafoam calcedony beads, as well as strips of heavy silk fabric. I love the contrasting colours and the summery look.


  1. Ah cool, das zweite hat die gleichen Farben, die ich bei euch in HD versponnen habe :)

    Ich mag beide Garne sehr!

  2. Oh wow! Beautiful! I love the way you spin in all sorts of material - must be difficult to spin in shells. Don't they break?

  3. das weisse saehe sicher auch in schwarz super aus - passend zu "black swan".... und das in blau-orange - kann doch eigentlich nur kingfisher oder auch eisvogel heissen? ok, sie leben wohl nicht in der naehe von muscheln, aber die farben....

  4. @Purls: no, they are no more difficult to spin in than beads, as long as they've got a hole - which I make sure when I buy them ;-) That's why I don't use my own collection of shells, though, which would be even better, but I don't think I could drill them without breaking them...

    @Woolly Bits: Eisvogel/Kingfisher ist natürlich eine geniale Idee, du hast so recht! Jetzt hat's schon einen Namen und steht im Shop, aber ich verspinne bestimmt noch mal ähnliche Farben, weil ich total auf die Kombination stehe.
    Und ein schwarzer Schwan ist schon in Planung *psst* ;-)

  5. ich habs zur zeit mit voegeln als inspiration:)) kolibrifarben kann ja jeder, aber es gibt ja auch im inland feine sachen. wenn man stare naeher anschaut.... oder auch einen eichelhaeher, schwarz/blau mit braun/grau oder spechte usw... schwarze schwaene natuerlich auch (ich verrat nix:))



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