Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Busy Sunday

I might have mentioned that I am currently trying to spin one yarn per day, ever since I officially made our Etsy shop my part time job. Last sunday, I managed three! And I noticed how exhausting spinning can be. It's probably just like with everything else you do, even if it's fun, it gets straining after a while. Anyway, after spinning two yarns, I needed a break. My husband, who had been working the whole day, too, suggested a walk to clear our heads. We talked about yarn ideas, and about the difficulty I had with naming two of my yarns. Whenever I ask his advice/ideas about yarn names, he comes up with a bunch of ideas for new yarns, instead of a name for the yarn/s in question. But I don't mind, as I find it very inspiring :-)
On that day, I even had troubles to think of new creations, as my head was fuzzy from all the wool and silk I had spun ;-) My husband, on the other hand, had many ideas, one of which I implemented the instant we got back home:

What about a glacier yarn, in white and blues, and maybe with penguins?
Penguins? Where would I get them?  I'd have to make some and I'm not sure I can...
If you don't have any penguins, why not use black beads?
Hmmm... why not, indeed!

That's about how it went (as I remember it, anyway), and I was thrilled. I liked the idea of a yarn in light colours with solid black beads. And I do kind of like penguins, and ice, so that was perfect. And I had just a little amount of glow in the dark thread left, so I chose to spin a very bulky yarn with short yardage, and it turned out wonderfully, as you can see for yourself. It's now called Antarctic Glow; the yarn on the left is called Easter Egg Hunt, and the middle one is still without a name.

Yesterday, I received a delivery of beads, which gave me a whole lot of new possibilities and ideas, so stay tuned!


  1. Oh man, ich würde derzeit gerne eins pro Woche schaffen. Wird Zeit, dass ich mehr Luft bekomme.

    Die Garne sehen vielversprechend aus, ich bin gespannt auf mehr Bilder :) Pinguine hab ich noch als Glasperlen hier. Hab ich mal für's Schmuckherstellen gekauft, wozu ich ja derzeit auch nicht komme.

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Ich plane ja Spinnen zur Zeit genauso ein wie andere Pflichten - seit ich brav das Gewerbe angemeldet habe ;-) Immerhin ist das im Moment meine einzige Einkommensquelle, bis ich wieder MaFo-Projekte kriege.

    Die Pinguine klingen lustig, ich bin mal gespannt, wann und wie du sie verarbeitest! Und ich drück dir die Daumen für ein bisschen mehr Luft zum Spinnen und Shop-Pflegen!




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