Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Difficulty of Naming Yarns

A few days ago, I came across some colourful ribbons with white dots, which I just couldn't pass. They looked perfect for spinning into yarns, and I had to keep myself from buying more than two different colours. I decided on light blue and vivid red, and I had to use them immediately (well, as soon as there was time, anyway). I spun two quite similar yarns, one white and light blue, and one white and bright red, both containing facetted glass beads in matching colours, and, of course, the ribbons. I love them both, but I just can't think of a name for either of them. Usually I come up with names quickly, but these are difficult. My husband has also tried to come up with something, but (as usual when he tries that) he came up with names and ideas for new yarns instead *g* That's why I spun a white and turquoise yarn with black beads today - more on which will hopefull follow soon ;-)
The picture you see here was taken last friday (my photo day), when I piled up all the yarns to be photographed and/or wpi-counted. I like photo day, somehow it feels like getting a lot done when photographing a whole week's worth of my handspun :-)


  1. Hm! How about "Snow White" and "Rose Red"? Or... "Alice in Wonderland" and "Little Red Riding Hood"? Or... "Blueberry Cheese Cake" and "Strawberry Jam"?


  2. Aaah, I like the food related names *g*
    I was thinking about something wonderlandish, too, and I still quite like the idea. Little Red Riding Hood? Fantastic!
    Thanks :-)



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