Wednesday, February 9, 2011

...a Pirate's Life for Me

 Just a quick preview of my latest creation, featuring pieces of a Captain Jack Sparrow kerchief replica (parts of which I already used here), bone skull beads, sea shells, genuine aquamarine beads, and facetted glass beads. The fibres I used were partly hand dyed by myself.

I'm not quite sure why exactly I've always been fascinated by pirates - probably because they're romanticized and there are great movies about them, but I like to think it has to do with freedom, and my love for the ocean and the wind. So just come along on a fantastic journey aboard a pirates' ship, feeling the planks under our feet and the sun and salty air on our skin, free as birds.
Bring me that horizon!


  1. I'm also into pirates. Maybe because of the same reasons as you... :)

    Nice yarn! I like the beads.

  2. How cool yarn, I love those skulls!


  3. Love Pirates! Milford, CT has pirate day every year because Capt'n Cook is said to have buried his treasure on Charles Island right off the shore. It's great fun! Love the little skulls in the yarn.

  4. Those 'fibres' are beautiful, I love that color!!!



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