Thursday, February 17, 2011

Funky St. Patrick

Luckily, someone on the Unofficial Etsy Forums reminded me in time that St. Patrick's Day is around the corner. I often think of holidays and themes too late for spinning and listing yarns in time - but not this time! I carded some batts yesterday, and already spun one into a funky green yarn, containing golden glitter (something like tinsel), and shamrock glass beads. I'm looking forward to spinning up the other batts, I already started with a white, green and orange one and then there is a green and white one which will contain white lace strips. And now I am off to uni.


  1. let's hope that it doesn't contain leprechaun gold:)))

  2. actually, that's a wonderful idea! :-) I mean, there is golden stuff in it, which won't vanish, but which isn't exactly precious, either, so it kind of fits *g* Thanks for the inspiration!



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