Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Find your Pirate in the Dark!

Last year, I spun many glow in the dark art yarns. Then I stopped because there wasn't much of the gorgeous glow in the dark thread left and it was impossible to find more of it. But last week I thought, well, what's the use of keeping the rest on a shelf instead of spinning it in - and I started again. So, here is my latest creation, fresh from the bobbin:

I spun it from a gorgeous, soft and shiny blend of merino wool and tussah silk (black and red), glossy black mulberry silk, a bit of red sari silk which shows here and there, black lace strips, and strips of red tulle with polka dots. I plied it with said glow in the dark thread and added bone skull beads during the process. It was very time-consuming and elaborate work, but so well worth the effort!

As you can see, I have secured the skulls with tight coils, which add extra texture. I am very happy with how this yarn turned out :-) There's 138 m / 96 g of it, and it will be listed sometime next week.

As for the glow in the dark effect, it is just like the effect of the yarn this picture was taken of:

Aaaah, I love glow in the dark stuff :-)


  1. Very cool!

    -Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food



  2. Your yarns are beautiful! I'm going to take a closer look in your shop now. :)


  3. Love the skulls... :)



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