Monday, February 14, 2011

Woodland Magic

Last week I carded some batts, and I was really looking forward to spinning them - so I was happy when I found some spinning time during the weekend :-) Here's the yarn I spun from the first batt:

Woodland Magic

When I carded the batt, I already knew what add-ins I wanted to use: leafy ribbon, copper flower beads, and bohemian glass beads. The yarn is highly textured, as are old, gnarled trees with their structured bark. I also added coppery metallic thread for that hint of magic sparkle. 

I love the yarn, and I suddenly realized that I nearly never use brown fibre in my yarns. Just because I don't wear a lot of brown doesn't mean I shouldn't spin yarns containing brown, so I spun another one the day after, because I had a wonderful idea. The new yarn contains lots of lace strips - and it's called Ron's Dressrobes ;-) I haven't taken a picture of that one yet, though. They will both be listed during the next week if all goes well.

I've also listed a stunningly blue art yarn with satin roses - check out My Blue Valentine

1 comment:

  1. I'm a big fan of dark brown because it is a really "comfortable" and warm colour.
    And I like you yarn's theme :D



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