Friday, September 3, 2010

Captain Jack Sparrow - the One and Only

I have spun a few yarns during the last two weeks or so, but somehow it took me ages to take photos (rainy days equal bad photo light) and I couldn't make time for blogging until now. I hope to post a few more photos soon, but for now let me show you one of my latest favourites.

It startet with a friend presenting me with a cloth-thingy. When I looked at it closely, I saw it was some Pirates of the Carribean merchandise, which - my friend told me - was given to the cinema where she used to work. Since nobody wanted it, she gave it to me to tear it apart and spin it into yarn! It's a copy of the kerchief (is this the right word?! Help, anyone!) Captain Jack Sparrow wears in one or more of the movies.

I spun strips of it into this yarn of handdyed alpaca fibre:

Sail with Captain Sparrow

I spun in black obsidian beads and dark peacock freshwater pearls as allusions to the Black Pearl.

I used an accompanying thread to create lots of texture, the coils representing the swirling ocean as well as the twisted personality of our dear Captain Sparrow.

The yarn is 97 m / 133 g and will hopefully be listed in the shop soon :-)

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